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Bottom & Top (2 Litre) Twin Pack

Bottom & Top (2 Litre) Twin Pack

We've Been Camping And Caravanning For Years Now And Have Never Understood Why We Have To Buy Two Products For Our Toilet. Most more

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Description - We've Been Camping And Caravanning For Years Now And Have Never Understood Why We Have To Buy Two Products For Our Toilet. Most Portable Or Cassette Toilets Come With Two Tanks. One For The Top Where You Put Rinse Product And One For The Bottom, Where The Waste Ends Up And It's This One Which Breaks Down The Waste. So, We Created Bottom & Top Which Is A Strong Product Which Works In Both The Top And The Bottom Tank Of All Cassette And Portable Toilets. It's Formaldehyde Free And Environmentally Friendly So Can Be Used On All Club Sites And Even On Inland Water Ways. It's High Strength Kills All Bacteria In Both The Top And Bottom Tank And Breaks Down Waste Quickly. Despite It's Effectiveness Though You Need To Use Only 100mls For Every 20 Litres. Not Only Is There No Need To Use Two Different Products For Your Waste Tank And Rinse - It's Also More Cost Effective To Use Bottom & Top. Bottom & Top Was Voted Essential Product By Practical Caravan For 2013 And Is Now Our Number One Selling Product. So, As You Would Do With Any Blue Or Green Chemical Pour A Shot Into Your Waste Tank And Then, As You Would With Any Rinse, Pour Into Your Top Tank. Bottom & Top Has A Pleasant, Subtle Smell Of Lavender To Neutralise Any Unpleasant Smells. In The Bottom Tank It Will Break Down Waste And In The Rinse Tank, As You Flush, It Will Neutralise Smells, And Run A Detergent Formula Around The Bowl Keeping It Clean And Safe. Usage Example: If You Have A Toilet With A 20 Litre Waste Tank Use 100 Ml Of Bottom & Top In The Bottom Tank, And Then The Same In The Rinse Tank. For A 20 Litre Tank You'll Be Able To Re-charge The Top And Bottom Tanks 10 Times With A 2 Litre Bottle. If You Empty The Toilet 3 Times Over A Weeks Holiday Then You'll Get 3 Weeks Use From A Single Bottle, With A Little Left Over. This Is Whilst Guaranteeing A Safe, Clean, Fresh Smelling And Environmentally Friendly Holiday.

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