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Result for Accuniq Bc720 Body Composition Analyser 

Accuniq Bc720 Body Composition Analyser

Accuniq Bc720 Body Composition Analyser

The Bc720 Is A Multi-frequency, Whole Body And Segmental Body Composition Analyzer That Utilizes Innovative Bia Technology To more

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Description - The Bc720 Is A Multi-frequency, Whole Body And Segmental Body Composition Analyzer That Utilizes Innovative Bia Technology To Ensure Accurate And Precise Results.accuniq Appthis Is A Mobile Service For The Management Of Personal Body Composition Data. By Scanning The Qr Code Onto Your Smart Phone You Can View Your Results Simply And Easily. Stores All Results Over Time.accuniq Managerthis Easy To Use Data Management Software Is Designed To Keep Track Of Clients Results And Manage All Data In A Convenient Format. It Can Be Used For Single Or Multiple Locations With Easy Accessibility To Multiple Devicesprinted A4 Result Sheetcomprehensive Results Page That Is Easy To Understand With Measurement Comparison To The Health Range, Making Analysis Fast And Consicefully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitorsconvenient, Easy To Use, Fast And Accurate Results. Single Or Dual Arm Monitorsbody Composition Analysisit Shows The Measurement Results And Normal Range Of Body Water, Protein, Minerals And Body Fat That Make Up Our Body.skeletal Muscle / Fat Analysisyou Can See The Ratio Of Skeletal Muscle And Body Fat That Contribute To The Body Weight, By Displaying The Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, And Body Fat Mass Graphically.obesity Analysisit Shows The Graphs Of Body Mass Index And Body Fat Percentage, Which Are Important Items In The Evaluation Of Obesity.abdominal Obesity Analysisthe Fat Of The Human Body Consists Of Subcutaneous Fat And Visceral Fat. Evaluate Various Items About Visceral Fat That Are Closely Related To Adult Diseases.muscle Analysistwo Graphs Show Muscle Mass Assessments Of The Five Parts Of The Body (left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, Right Leg, Torso).body Water Analysiswe Evaluate The Intracellular Water, Extracellular Water, And Extracellular Secretion.overall Evaluationbody Type Determination, Body Age, Basal Metabolic Rate, Calories Needed Per Day, And Cell Volume.body Balance Assessmentit Evaluates The Left And Right Balance Of The Upper Body Of The Human Body And The Balance Of The Lower Body Left And Right. It Evaluates Whether The Human Body Is Balanced Right Or Left Rather Than A Lot Of Muscle Or Fat.weight Controlsuggested Adjustments For Recommended Weight, Weight, Muscle, And Fat.obesity Assessmentb.m.i. And Body Fat Percentage Can Be Evaluated In Low-level, Standard, Overweight, And Obesity Levels, And Obesity And Abdominal Circumference Can Be Identified.abdominal Obesity Predictabilitybased On The Results Of Abdominal Obesity Analysis And Body Composition Analysis Of The Subject, It Is A Chart To Predict Abdominal Obesity As The Age Increases With The Present Abdominal Obesity Status.impedanceindicates Frequency And Area Specific Impedance. Impedance Is The Resistance Value That Occurs When Current Is Applied To The Human Body. Each Impedance Has A Unique Value.blood Pressure Analysiswhen Connecting The Sphygmomanometer Provided By Accuniq, The Measured Blood Pressure Data Is Displayed. Obesity And Blood Pressure Can Be Evaluated At The Same Time, Which Is Useful For Diagnosis.

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